Bill Teitelbuam, TURBO’s EVP, co-created, wrote and produced Know it in a Minute, one of the first DOOH Campaigns with major brands deployed by Walgreens.  1-minute subjects were written in a How to style, approved and produced to introduce viewers to video subjects sponsored by a Brand featuring a Brand’s product. Brand advertisers paid for premium placement of their 1-min advertisement, in turn received an opening title credit with voice-over as well as a closing call to action with voice-over.  Brands also received a lower 1/3 graphic throughout the video featuring a call to action for both a toll-free number and a directive to visit the Brand’s website.  6-videos were produced generating approximately $650,000 in Brand advertising revenue over a 1-quarter advertising plan, customers stayed in the stores longer, and a lift in product sales was generated both on-line and in-store.  
Florida Pharmacy Association needed a technology solution to better reach current and new members.  
The solution by Turbo Communications was a digital out of home WEB TV Network for the Association, comprised of  a main TV Network and 15-Pharmacist companion channels.  Members could pay for a digital membership and at credentialing functions throughout the year they could be videotaped by TURBO with their video then uploaded for viewing into the appropriate TV channel as well as the main TV Network.  
This solution is the first streaming TV Network for pharmacists adopted world-wide.