TURBO GLOBAL PARTNERS is trading on the OTC symbol “TRBO”. Our business is an Indoor Display Syndicated Advertising Services Company that places syndicated advertising anywhere in the world – on digital displays – inside any business or location that attracts consumers such as independent pharmacies, restaurants, and franchise operations – generating long-term renewable predictable revenue and cash-flow for its shareholders. TRBO’s social agenda includes helping non-profits better connect, communicate and collaborate using TRBO’s media and technology platforms. 


TURBO GLOBAL PARTNERS, Inc., trading under the symbol “TRBO” on the OTC Markets, is a pre-IPO Marketing Services Consulting company based in Carson City, Nevada with offices in Tampa and Los Angeles.


TRBO is a marketing company through and through.  Whether helping businesses better reach their consumers directly – Business 2 Consumers (B2C), helping their supply chain reach better reach distributors and wholesalers (B 2 B), or handling the marketing of the entire supply chain – Business 2 Business 2 Consumers (B 2 B 2 C), TRBO delivers world-class solutions in today’s connected world.


It’s no secret, whether a Fortune 1,000 company, or a local small business, it’s marketing that get products and services in the hands of consumers, or innovative marketing programs can better arm the sellers and distributors of the products and services, thus growing the brand and in turn translating into a greater product and revenue delivery model.


In a digitally connected world, and a world where traditional media programs such as television advertising has been impacted due to programs such as Netflix and Amazon, where consumers opt-in for no advertising – it’s a marketing company like TRBO that is surfing the tsunami of a fusion of information, entertainment and technology.  

TRBO helps companies with a spectrum of solutions that not only includes traditional media, but interactive programs such as mobility: to text to join, buy, vote, and download.  Our video production embodies storytelling that is engaging, while at the same time integrates calls to action for fast adoption, as well as brand licensing programs that reach global audiences – it’s TRBO that delivers.


According to a study conducted in September 2013 by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of Literacy, 32 million adults in the U.S. can’t read. That’s 14 percent of the population. 21 percent of adults in the U.S. read below a 5th grade level, and 19 percent of high school graduates can’t read.

With the Telecommunications Act of 1996 the Digital Age was born. And today, while literacy is still an issue in the United States, even children under 5 have learned the language of the Digital Age.


We live, work and play in a connected world.

How do you know what you need?  One thing is for sure, there is a conversation about you and your business enterprise, and you may not be all the way in it.  

That’s where we come in – perhaps telling your story in a different way than ever before…a new way…an innovative way – all that results in long-term renewable predictable cash-flow for you.

Come play with us in our sandbox, and let’s figure it out together – even more fun yet!


florida pharmacy association


Florida Pharmacy Association “FPA”, formed in 1890,
wanted to engage their target market with a digital strategy, and grow their membership.


The TRBO Team set out to fundamentally position engagement
of their constituents and target market on a whole new level for the FPA.  Utilizing the patented OnNow TV Platform,TRBO delivered a WEB Television Network, comprised of 15-companion WEB TV Channels and the Main TV Network.

Participation was exclusive to Digital Members.  Digital members that pay a recurring membership are videotaped at monthly, quarterly and annual FPA Events. Member videos are aired in the appropriate WEB TV Channels in Pharmacist Nation TV Network.

suntel networks


SunTel Networks Telephone Company Wanted To Introduce A New Texting Technology That Works With Business Telephones.


The TRBO Team set out to tell the story for SunTel and it was unanimous – A “White-Board” animated video was the solution.

Using a 2-minute elevator pitch, the TRBO team crafted the storyline and storyboard
for SunTel comment and review. With the approved storyline, storyboard and professional voice-over talent, music and graphics, the B 2 B and B 2 B 2 C solution
was delivered in a fast-paced engaging “White Board” video that exceeded all expectations, successfully launching the new product offering. Targeted digital influencers were also engaged resulting in a global conversation, increased sales and renewed position for SunTel.

amerilife insurance company


AmeriLife Insurance Company decided a new recruiting video needed to be produced to help better engage, recruit and inspire prospective Agents and Brokers. They also con-cluded the video needed to be testimonial rich.


The TRBO Team set out to tell the story for AmeriLife and it was unanimous –
A broadcast video produced to be viewed on all digital devices whose Agents delivered inspiration and “un-scripted” testimonials resulting in a new recruiting tool.

Working with AmeriLife, selections of current agents from all walks of life were identified to participate in the recruiting video. TRBO sent its production team on the road and videotaped each AmeriLife Agent in their homes and offices.

The final product exceed AmeriLife’s expectations and was delivered in all digital formats allowing to be viewed on all digital devices, smart-phones, tablets and iPads. Texting was also utilized to direct prospects to an enrollment page within AmeriLife’s web portal.

airline ambassadors international


Airlines Ambassadors, International “AAI” is the only NGO representing the airline industry with the United Nations. AAI desired to engage their constituents and re-purpose videos previously produced to grow their fund raising efforts.


The TRBO Team set out to catapult AAI’s marketing to the next level.

The result?
TRBO created, produced and manages the first global telethon for the airline industry. Airing globally on TRBO’s non-profit portal OrgAmerica.org, the telethon is awakening the world to the problem of human and child trafficking.

Using famous personalities, raising funds with a mobile pledge campaign developed by TRBO, and a new app AAI Tip Line App developed with law enforcement, the goal of 1-million supporters with recurring monthly pledges minimum $-.99 per month will be realized. TRBO receives 20% of the funds raised under a 5-year joint venture revenue share agreement, with two (2) renewable terms.


Bob Singerman
Chairman & CEO

With 40-years marketing, media, entertainment, technology and strategic experience, Bob has produced over 350 live television shows, over 3,000 television commercials, hundreds of communication initiatives, and is also the pioneer of WEB Television.

Bill Teitelbaum
Executive Vice President

Over 40-years entertainment, licensing, manufacturing, merchandising and tactical experience, Bill recently was Executive VP CBS / King World Entertainment heading up licensing and marketing initiatives for generating nearly $1-BB in licensing revenues. Bill is also a world-renowned cartoonist.

Eric Teitelbaum
President Turbo Education

Eric has been in the field of education for 40-years, with special emphasis teaching with cartooning. He currently teaches English to Chinese students in California using cartoons to learn English words and phrases, American culture and life skills. Eric is also a world-renowned cartoonist.

Heath Burr
Managing Director Mass Communications

Heath is an innovative Product & Program Manager, Creative Thinker, and Management Consultant who will leverage his core competencies to benefit TRBO.  Core competencies include: Digital Signage and Advertising Integration, Mobility Applications, Strategic Planning, Creative Problem Solving, Partnership/Vendor Account Management, Managing Cross-Functional Teams, Multi-device OTT Delivery, Analytics, UX/UI Design Oversite, Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid.

Mat Rizzo
Managing Director Turbo Europe and Asia

From offices in London and Hong Kong, Mat will manage and coordinate Turbo’s IT infrastructure to deliver unrivaled performance for the media initiatives of Turbo.


J Richard Hastings
Managing Director ONNOW TV

J. Robertt is a corporate attorney and marketer, with special emphasis negotiating media deals for national contracts for advertisers including Cox Cable and Gannett Advertising, a winning combination for Turbo. He is legal adviser for OnNow TV intimately involved with the patented technology, and voice-over veteran.

Donovan G. Hunter
Business Development Pharmacist Nation

Former Professional Basketball player, diverse business development executive, Donovan will be charged with the management and coordination of the growth of the Hispanic independent pharmacies. Donovan is fluent in Spanish.

Kip Niswonger
Director New Media Management

Kip is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Turbo’s over 100-WEB TV Channels, maintenance and management of company’s digital assets, as well as the deployment and management of the numerous new media initiatives of the company.

John G. Skelton

With over 40-years experience as an international Business Development veteran, John will grow and manage the integration of the BioProtect US Alliance Partners initiatives.

Bob Parrado, BPharm
Pharmacist Nation Business Development

With over 40-years as a licensed Pharmacist, as well as holding positions such as Board Member,
Florida Board of Pharmacy and Chairman of the Board, Florida Pharmacy Association, Bob will work with
John Skelton to grow and manage the Goin’ Postal integration into 25,000 independent pharmacies in the U.S.


Ranald Stewart
Independent Lead Director Integration

With over 50-years experience in both the private and public sectors, Ranald will help advise on the numerous integration fronts of Turbo with special emphasis on retail real estate development.



Gable Company

Gable Company is a world-leader in a new era of visual communications, the intersection of technology and craftsmanship, integrating digital displays, audiovisual signage, and lighting. Advertising Digital Signage Partner for Walmart, Starbucks, Verizon, US Post Office and MGM.



Xinhuanet is the main communication platform of all-media news information products created by Xinhua News Agency China. Xinhuanet releases global news information 24 hours daily in 13 languages, average daily page views exceed 120 million, as well as more than 170 million people daily visiting Xinhuanet via mobile devices. Xinhuanet and TRBO will co-develop, co-produce, share and market media and original programming to broadcasters, networks and buyers in the U.S., China and beyond.



On Now TV

OnNowTV.com webChannel®s are the next generation of websites powered by the OnNowTV®video platform. The webChannels are primarily populated by video content, which has been proven to convert up to 4 times better than text content.


Org America

Take your nonprofit to the next level. We provide cutting-edge tools to get the word out about your nonprofit.


Make It Happen Entertainment

Take your nonprofit to the next level. We provide cutting-edge tools to get the word out about your nonprofit.



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