The British List, Inc.

by admin, September 22, 2016
Turbo Global Partners owns a 25% stake in The British List, Inc.  Utilizing both an “Angie’s List” model and a WEB Television Network, Turbo is bringing to market via its arsenal of services a discount card for Travelers from the U.K. coming to the U.S. as well as British Ex-Pats living in the U.S.
Through a partnership with the British American Business Counsel, Tampa Bay, Turbo has created and produces The British American Nation TV Network, a WEB Television Network comprised of 10-WEB TV Channels for its business members.
Utilizing a new digital membership, British business owner members can be videotaped at any event, then their videos are populated into the appropriate WEB TV Channels.  The TV Network is also designed to designed to better connect, communicate and collaborate with the British Social Clubs in the U.S.
Revenue is generated via a digital membership, advertising, as well as fees generated by British List card carrying members.  Go to to view the TV Network.
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